15th Annual Colorado River Trip! - Apr 14-17 2016

15th Annual
April 14, 15, 16, & 17, 2016

Colorado River Drift Dive Weekend & Lake Mohave Dives


Thursday – April14, 2015                   Drive to Laughlin NV, Bullhead City, AZ. 
                                                                    Visit the mules in Oatman before 5pm
Friday – April 15, 2015                      - 2 or 3 Tank Boat trip on Lake Mohave,
                                                                     Drift down the river on rafts 1-hour before sunset
Saturday – April 16, 2015                 - 1 Drift Dive then 2 Lake Mohave Dives
Sunday – April 17, 2015                   - 1 Drift Dive, Buffet Brunch, Drive home

Exit Point


Car – Laughlin AZ is about 350 miles away and at least 6-hours away. Figure on 800 miles with side trips

Camping – $15.00/night/2-tents www.mcparks.com

Aquarious is the official hotel ~$65.00/night

Lake Mohave Fees – $5.00/car for up to 5 days

Food – Group meal Saturday night and group buffet brunch Sunday in the Edgewater Casino before we leave town.

Bring snacks for Saturday breakfast and Saturday lunch is on your own.

SCUBA – Bring 3-tanks and be ready to get fills at a local dive shop

Diving Information

Special River Note: In the river a surface float with 30 feet of rope is required for each buddy team. Each team member will hold onto the rope through the drift dive to ensure that each buddy team stays together! If you become separated from your buddy during the dive, you simply surface and reunite. The float should be painted red/white like a dive flag and have a means to attach the rope that you hold onto during the dive.

Colorado River –

Shallow Drift dive (8-25 feet) with the water temperature in the lower 60’s
Plan on participating in a Scavenger hunt
Bring a game bag to pick up:
Fishing Rods & Reels
(Leave all anchors found – too heavy to bring up safely)
Lake Mohave
Cabin Site Cove
A School Bus & Van in one cove
A 30’ Cabin Cruiser Wreck in 55’-60’ of water in another cove
Cliff jumping from an approximately 20 foot high bluff between dives into the lake

NOTE If you have friends who don’t dive who would like to be kayak surface support, please give me a call.

Important Date:
April 14 – Trip Orientation, carpooling information, and maps


THUR 4-14-16  Drive to Laughlin, check into campground or hotel.
                          3:00 P.M. Drive to the ghost town Oatman AZ,  feed the wild mules! Dinner!

FRI 4-15-16    8:00 A.M. – Board the boat for 2 dives.
                                            Private message for sign up instructions.
                                              If we have more than 6-divers there
                                               be a second boat at noon
                        1:00 P.M. – For those skipping the boat dives...         
- Drive to the Colo. River, Laughlin, Bullhead area
350 miles from San Diego, 6 hours
- Get your Lodging, Campground etc.
4:00 P.M. Drift down the river on rafts!!
           -Cruise the Casino, buffet dinner, hit the Jackpot
           -  “Don’t Drink Alcohol before diving”
7:00 P.M. Night dive anyone? – Lake Mohave – Cabin Site Cove
SAT 4-16-16  
5:30 A.M.
- Drift Dive #1 in the Colorado River
- Meet at the NV Fish & Game Boat Launch Ramp (We’ll walk down the ramp – easy entry)
- It’s just North of the Riverside Casino/Hotel Parking Lot on the west side (NV) side of the river, just south of the bridge.
- We will shuttle some cars to our Exit Point at Bullhead City Community Park, AZ
- Coordinate air fills after the dive
9:00 A.M.
- Meet for breakfast, get airfills, and take a nap! J
2:00 P.M.
- Dive 1– Lake Mohave – Cabin Site Cove
- This is in the Lake Mead National Rec. Area and will have a cost for entry ~$5.00 per car
4:00 P.M.
- Dive 2 – Lake Mohave – Cabin Site Cove
- NOTE: Located in the lake there is a 30’ Cabin Cruiser wreck in 55’-60’ of water in one finger cove and a school bus & van in another finger cove. The middle cove that is complete with swim area has a 21 foot sunken speed boat.
6:00 P.M. – Beachside BBQ at the campground, diner provided

SUN 4-17-16 
5:30 A.M.
- Drift Dive #2, Colorado River
- Meet at the NV Fish & Game Boat Launch Ramp 

9:00 A.M.- Edgewater Casino buffet
11:00 A.M.
- Drive home

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